Importance Of A Dedicated Transformation Office

Individuals assigned to work on an organizational transformation effort will need to spend a significant amount of time dedicated to this effort.  This leads many executives to create a centralized “Transformation Office”.  The Transformation Office is comprised of a few individuals that are dedicated 100% to the transformation effort, and play a multitude of roles in the overall program.

What are some of these roles:

  • Ensure that all projects in the program are adhering to the overall vision/goals set out by the executives.
  • Project Manager – keep the individual projects moving forward via status reporting.
  • Act as the arms and legs for individuals involved in the effort that must balance their day-to-day responsibilities as well as their new transformation responsibilities.
  • Assist with administrative details such as setting up meetings, creating meeting agendas, and taking meeting notes.
  • Capture business requirements.
  • Create required documentation (flowcharts, training materials, etc.)
  • Keep executives up to speed with transparent project tracking.
  • Ensure that items needing executive decisions are brought to the executives attention in a timely matter.

Transformation Offices can be staffed solely via internal resources, solely external resources, or can be a mixture of both.  Our experience has proven that a mixture of resources works best.  An experienced Transformation Office Leader, coupled with experienced Project Managers, and internal resources that provide institutional knowledge is often the winning mix!

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