Merger & Acquisition Integration

The deal has been announced. The countless hours performing due diligence, synergy analysis, and the tense negotiations at the table are completed. For a C-suite executive, now is the time to pop the champagne and take a well deserved break until the deal closes…..or is it?

While the days immediately following a merger announcement are proud days for executives, these days can be extremely tense for the employees on at least one side of the deal, and are usually tense for employees on both sides. Failure to act quickly can result in the loss of key personnel that are unsure of their position in the newly combined company, and clients that are unsure if the new company is one that they want to continue to have a relationship with.

Therefore it is imperative for the integration planning to begin immediately after the announcement of the deal. Bringing in an experienced Integration Leader is one way to give your company the best chance at success.

Our Promise – We will help you achieve synergies and unlock the true value of the merger, while limiting operational risk.

What is an Integration Leader, and what do they do?

An Integration Leader is the individual that performs the following functions:

  • Understand the highest priorities of the C-suite (or an individual executive) and the strategic goals of the deal.
  • Assist with creating an Integration Team – a group of internal resources and subject matter experts.
  • Create an Integration Roadmap outlining when major processes, systems, and resources will be combined to achieve the strategic goals of the deal.
  • Drive the various projects contained within the Integration Roadmap to completion.
  • Report progress to the C-suite and other stakeholders regularly.
  • Identify key issues/decisions, and surface these to the C-suite executive(s) or their designated decision maker.

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