Process Re-Engineering

What is Process Re-Engineering?

Process Re-Engineering is the thorough re-thinking of process, workflow, information systems, and organizational structure. The main objective is to effect re-design of processes and technology to achieve dramatic improvements in efficiency, productivity, cost, and/or quality. In many cases, the redesign will be radical change.

In performing this work, Your Chief Advisors will ask the same question over and over again, “Why is the activity performed in this way?”. The response “because we’ve always done it this way” will consistently be challenged with “is this the best way to do this activity going forward?”.

Our Promise – We will design processes optimized for your organization by utilizing the technology and resources of today, while keeping an eye on tomorrow; so that your organization can achieve its maximum potential.

Why is Process Re-Engineering Needed?

There are many reasons why Process Re-Engineering may be needed. Some examples of this are:

  • A change in the strategic goals of the firm
  • Manual performance of non-value added tasks which can be systematized
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to perform a function
  • Cost reduction initiatives
  • Information captured within the process is insufficient, or important details are lost along the way
  • The same activity is performed by multiple groups in the firm
  • “Silos” are causing inefficiencies

Why Your Chief Advisors?

As a company embarks on a Process Re-Engineering effort, there are a number of challenges that it will encounter across all levels of the organization. A well-defined, integrated approach coupled with experienced personnel will help companies overcome these challenges.

Your Chief Advisors has the knowledge and experience to assist senior management with setting the vision for the future state, has a proven systematic approach to re-design, and provides exceptional project management. By joining Your Chief Advisors with internal resources to provide institutional knowledge, your Process Re-Engineering is well positioned for success!

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